Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Car Hoods

This is a very exciting blog for us.  We engaged a custom fabrication company to create our front desk.  One very exciting aspect of this custom creation is that our counter tops will be made from recycled car hoods.  Each hood is hand selected from a junk yard, smashed flat, carefully sanded, polished, and clear coated.  Just like the Power Plant concept, these car hoods will be transformed into a functioning work of art.  Here is a nugget of our conversation with the manufacturing shop:
“Hey So iLL, I had a great trip to the junkyard and bought all the metal needed for your countertops.  I would like to make the pro-shop countertop out of the blue metal.  The colors range from dark blue to sky blue with all shades in between.  The way I’m going to cut and join the metal panels together will give the blue metal a much more interesting visual impact!”